We need to elect individuals who truly love our people, and who fundamentally believe that all people are created equal, and that not one soul is less than another. And we need to elect individuals who believe in caring for, loving and nurturing our American people so they can be empowered and set free again. For just as when proper love and care are poured into an individual and the individual is empowered and restored to its full spirit, potential and power, our American people must be cared for and nurtured so that we can be empowered and restored to our full spirit, potential and power once again. As such, we need to unshackle the financial chains of slavery that have been put on our people and remove their daily deep undercurrent of financial worry and stress, so that we can help to unleash the power and spirit of the American people once again. And that looks like providing FINANCIAL FREEDOMLOVE and JUSTICE FOR EVERY AMERICAN. 

FINANCIAL FREEDOM starts with giving every American a Universal Basic Income of $1,000/month, and cancelling all current student debt on a one-time basis, for doing so will empower our people once again and create a trickle-up economy. 

LOVE starts with addressing the basic human needs of our people by providing Single Payer Universal Medicare, more affordable housing, a federal jobs guarantee and tuition-free public college. 

JUSTICE starts with banning politicians from accepting corporate money and donations, advocating for clean campaign finance reform, abolishing ICE, paying back reparations to descendants of African American slaves, ending homelessness and pushing for mass decarceration. 

And because there is no time more crucial than the current one that we're in, I've decided to throw in my hat and run for Congress. I'm stepping up because we can't afford to continue electing corporately funded career politicians like our current Congressman, when masses of our people are suffering. It's time for all of us to step up and take action. And we, the people, have the power to change and stop what we're currently seeing, and opt for a different reality and government that truly cares for the people. 

Will you join us in this movement of electing a mass wave of positive change agents into Congress? We can't do it without your help. As we are a grassroots campaign, going up against a corporately funded, establishment Democrat, it'll be a tough fight, but anything is possible, when the people are unified in one voice, mind and heart and take action accordingly. As such, we humbly ask for your help, be it in your emotional support, vocal support, volunteering and/or donations. Anything is GREATLY appreciated. 

We love you and one of the things that we're most excited about is, inspiring hope for our people again and letting them know that they're concerns are still being heard and that change is still possible. So, even today, if you're able to, inspire hope and change wherever you go, in your families, friends and communities. Because change is possible. 

Feel free to peruse our site, and sign up to volunteer and/or donate. The last day to register to vote is February 17, 2020 and we hope to see you at the polls on March 3, 2020. And if you don't live in our district, you can still sign up to volunteer, donate and/or pledge to have 5 people living in our district, vote for David "1000/month para todos now" Kim, on March 3rd. 

With much love, 

David Kim

David Kim for Congress - CA34 - Los Angeles, California

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