Our Country's Current State

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There is no time more crucial than the one we're living in now, where masses of our people are suffering, financially, mentally and emotionally. Even in our district, with the average rent of a 1 bedroom apartment easily being over $2,000/month and the median annual income of a family of 4 being $38,000/year, life ends up being one that's about just paying the bills and working multiple jobs to make ends meet. With most individuals and families living month to month or barely having a couple hundred in their savings, the commonly referenced American Dream has become an uncommon reality for many. And it's truly sad that our people, and masses of them, are financially shackled and distressed, to the point where our generation today now experiences the lowest standard of living in America's recent history and to the extreme where such financial distress and its effects have not only made their mark on our mental, emotional and physical health, but on the power and spirit of the American people. And our 30-year wage stagnation, the decreasing rates of unionization and the most tragic income disparity in America's recent history are all visible signs of such financial distress and poverty of the American people. 

So, it is now time for all of us to be more vigilant and consciously aware of who we elect into office. It's no longer enough to call oneself Democrat or to call oneself progressive as now, most of our politicians, like the current Democratic Congressman in our district, have become puppets and pawns of corporate donors by accepting and pocketing corporate money and donations behind closed doors while still alleging that they are fighting for the people and those living in their district. For the reality is that politicians, like our current Congressman, claim to fight for Single Payer Universal Medicare but pocket corporate money and donations from Big Pharma; they claim to fight for Tuition-Free Public College but pocket corporate money and donations from the nation's largest student debt collectors. And all of this must stop or our interests, well-being and lives will continue to be sacrificed at the cost of undue corporate influence in all areas of our lives: in our food, agriculture, chemicals, environment, healthcare, economy and criminal justice system.