5. Take Corporate Money out of Politics: We must ban politicians and elected officials from accepting money and donations from corporate interests, including developers. This is IMPERATIVE, as otherwise, every single industry will continue to be negatively affected and harm our general welfare, health and interests as the people, be it in food, housing, chemicals, education, healthcare, and etc..

6. De-Criminalize Homelessness: We must de-criminalize homelessness. Plain and simple. You can't be charged with a crime of being homeless, whether that be sleeping in your car or sleeping outside. And we can do this all while still addressing the concerns and interests of landlords and business owners' interests as well. 

7. Prevent and Reduce Eviction Statewide: While it's important to protect the rights and interests of landlords, it's also equally important to protect the rights and interests of tenants as well. The federal, state, county and local governments can work to provide programs that are aimed to prevent and reduce evictions in our district and across the state. We should support, fund and establish more free legal clinic services for our tenants who don't know what their legal rights are and can't obtain legal representation due to financial costs. 

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