Further, provided the current housing crisis, we also need to:

3. Invest into Building More Affordable Housing Directly and through Strategic Partnerships – Provide incentives to states and cities for executing affordable housing for the middle and low income working classes as even in the past 2 years, just in LA, over 90% of all new housing built were intended for high income earners.

4. Extend tax benefits to working and middle-class homeowners, expand low income housing tax credit, and provide refundable tax credits to working class families and individuals who live in rental housing and pay more than 30% of their gross income for year on their rent including utilities – after qualifying based on a determination of total amount spent on rent, the annual income, and a rate of the federal government’s established fair market rent control.

5. Work with States in Promoting Awareness of, Preventing and Reducing Eviction Statewide - while also talking about our 30-Year Wage Stagnation and our increasing income inequality head-on as these are ALL interconnected. Most tenants don't know what their rights are as tenants nor have the financial means to obtain legal counsel, and I think it's essential that the government supports, funds and helps establish free legal clinics for tenants who need this help, in addition to establishing more eviction prevention and reduction aimed programs.

6. Establish more uniform zoning guideline requirements, as to the number of luxury housing units v more affordable ones, which can be done through thoughtful, strategic discussions on the federal, state and local levels, while also creating more collectivized living arrangements as well that takes into account our high density areas of population. 

7. Prohibit all federal, state and city elected officials (like our current Congressman) from accepting money from real estate developers – Housing in the U.S. has become a playground for rich, corporate real estate developers, a land where profit is so much more important than the American people, and this must stop now. We cannot continue to have small businesses, working families and individuals pushed out from places they’ve lived at and called home for years, simply because they couldn’t keep up with the rising costs and influx of luxury real estate developers moving in causing such rising costs.