I will fight to:

  • Abolish ICE
  • Immediately close the detention centers at the Mexican border and transition those currently being detained to temporary housing, job training and other economic opportunity transition programs, and/or a refugee asylum seeking track to becoming a U.S. permanent resident or U.S. citizen
  • Provide equal universal healthcare access to undocumented immigrants
  • Reduce the cost of naturalization and increase resources to help people navigate that process more easily
  • Overturn the three- and ten-year re-entry bars – families should not be separated
  • Expand protections and naturalization to all undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children, regardless of their current age – they came here through no fault of their own and many are even unaware that they are undocumented
  • Make U.S. birthright citizenship something that can never be threatened or revoked 
  • Fund and authorize vast increases in immigration judges to move through our backlog of asylum seekers and other related cases 
  • Expand protections for LGBTQIA+ immigrants and asylum seekers, who experience discrimination here as well as in their countries of origin
  • Assure that all constitutional protections and due process are available to undocumented immigrants when it comes to deportation issues
  • Increase border security intelligently through electronic surveillance and more patrol agents
  • Draft, introduce and/or actively support legislation that seeks to remove the politicization of the U.S. Supreme Court bench


My parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1984 from South Korea and I know all too well the hardships and discrimination 1st generation and 2nd generation immigrant families encounter. On the flip side, I also can’t deny the many amazing people, policies and communities that proved the very opposite, in breathing life into and empowering us, every step of the way as well. And it is this America that we must continue to be, where despite our shortcomings in a racial divide that runs deep to the beginning of our nation’s birth, with the conquest of Native American lands, to institutionalized slavery for a few centuries, we still rise up together, collectively, in the end, at the most crucial times, and act as a nation that truly love its people and all peoples of the world.And so, please join our movement in making America love again. We can do it altogether if we all try. Let’s do it. Together. Please vote and please help spread the word. A mass wave of change agents must be elected to Congress.