If elected, I will support: 

  • A reparations plan including $200 - $500 Billion.
  • Payments made over the course of 20 years to a Reparations Council. This Council would be comprised of black leaders from a wide range of American cultural, academic and political spheres. 30 - 50 members would make up the Council, with all members being descendants of slaves and all having some cultural, learned or political link to the issue of reparations. 
  • The Council, rather than the U.S. government, determining how the funds are paid out, with only one condition: that the money be utilized for the aim of educational and economic redevelopment. 

A plan for reparations will not expunge America’s shameful history of slavery, or the life-altering reverberations that followed. It merely represents a step and one segment of a multifaceted recovery process. It will, however, contribute to closing a harrowing, appalling chapter in this nation’s history and provide future generations of Americans an opportunity to begin from a place of genuine reconciliation.