And the list of questions might go on and on as you’re getting yourself familiar with all of this. And that’s fine. It’s normal. For when we aren’t familiar with or haven’t heard about something before, we tend to demonize what we don't know anything about or put ourselves at a distance, and that’s fine. That’s the human psyche. So, please take your time in reading this page, and learning more about Universal Basic Income here, and on other sites. And you’ll realize that Universal Basic Income can help our country start addressing and tackling our big issues of income inequality, wage stagnation, automation, poverty and homelessness. 

After learning more about universal basic income, its many benefits and effects, the next series of questions you’ll be asking yourself is: what can I do with an extra $1,000/month? How will that help me? 

WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH AN EXTRA $1,000/MONTH? Tell me, tweet me at @davidkim2020; message me at; or email me at 

So, to start off, here are the most common FAQs regarding this proposal of providing a Universal Basic Income of $1,000/month to every American, which we will now reference as being the FREEDOM DIVIDEND.